Fishing Reports

EAST WALKER RIVER              March 19, 2023

The East is running at about 638 right now and is pretty dirty. We’ve had a tremendous amount of snow and rain the past few weeks and it’s wreaking havoc all throughout the area. I haven’t talked to anyone who has fished the Nevada side lately but as soon as we get any information I’ll let you know. 


SCEIRINE RANCH            March 19, 2023

We haven’t had anyone on the ranch for several weeks, when we get some reports from down there we’ll pass them on.                    


BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR                  March 19, 2023

Closed to fishing until April 29, 2023           

KIRMAN LAKE                           March 19, 2023

Closed to fishing until April 29, 2023       

TWIN LAKES                         March 19, 2023

Closed to fishing until April 29, 2023                                                  

WEST WALKER RIVER                     March 19, 2023

The West is open to catch and release fishing with only artificial lures with barbless hooks this time of the year. We haven’t heard of any fishing activity there lately but when the weather warms up a bit at some point hopefully we’ll get some reports to pass on.                          

VIRGINIA LAKES                      March 19, 2023

Closed to fishing until April 29, 2023                            

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Well, I was without internet service for a few weeks but it’s back on now so the streaming camera is back online now as well. The last few weeks have been pretty busy around here, lots of things going on around Bridgeport. Tons of snow has fallen, as well as lots of rain. There’s a huge avalance near Mono Lake that has Highway 395 closed indefinitely between Highway 167 and Lee Vining, they’re working on cleaning it up bit it will likely take several weeks. Highway 395 North was closed due to avalance and mud slide danger but is currently open. Highway 182 has been closed due to flooding and mudslides for a week or more and is still closed today. From what I gather the snowfall this winter is the third highest since about 1950, quite a deal. Around town we have lost several structures to the storms, including several home roofs caving in, the NAPA Auto Parts store had an explosion that they think was caused by a propane tank leak and burned to the ground and the Pembar Garage building on Main St. has some major damage from the snowpack. Many people have developed leaky roofs (including Ken’s) around town so there will be a lot of fixing going on at some point this Spring. The power was out in town for about a week and during that time the County and a bunch of volunteers set up a warming shelter at the Memorial Hall here in town with portable showers, restrooms and they were serving meals as well as providing free groceries and firewood to people in need. The people of Bridgeport never cease to amaze, it seemed like in the thick of it everyone in town came together to help their friends, family and neighbors with whatever they could help with, shoveling, plowing, building and placing sandbags during the flooding, you name it there were people around to help. Bridgeport is an amazing town with amazing people. Everyone is looking forward to fishing season, hopefully all the highways will be open soon, you can still get here from the South, at Bishop you would head to Hawthorne, NV then take Highway 167 to Highway 395 just North of Mono Lake, then on up to Bridgeport. Looking forward to seeing y’all soon!