Fishing Reports

EAST WALKER RIVER         February 10, 2019

Not much angling action going on lately, we’ve mostly been getting some very wintery weather! Several days over the last week or so saw temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees below zero around the valley, they bumped the flows on the river to 30 cfs or so to keep any anchor ice from forming down there. It’s warmed up a bit with morning temps the last couple days between 10 and 20 above zero. Of course with this “warmer” weather the snow started falling again! We’ve probably had over 3 feet of snow here in town over the last week, with more coming in tonight, then there’s a break tomorrow and it’s supposed to start again on Wednesday for 5 or 6 more days! I don’t think we’ll have any water issues this season! Both Upper and Lower Twin are completely full and there’s a ton of water going into the Reservoir right now, the upper Walker is almost overflowing its banks, I’d expect Bridgeport Reservoir to be pretty full within a couple weeks if this keeps up. Hopefully we’ll get to talk to some anglers this week and we’ll let you know what’s up down there asap!

Recommended Flies:

Darth baetis, san juan worm, wd-40, flashback emerger, zebra midge, silver streak, rainbow warrior, dead drift crayfish, sculpzilla, para adams, blue wing olive.  

SCEIRINE RANCH                    February 10, 2019

We haven’t had anyone on the ranch for a couple weeks but will let you know when we find out any new info. 

HUNEWILL POND                     February 10, 2019

The pond has frozen over for the winter, we’ll keep checking on it throughout the season and let you know when it thaws out! 

BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR                    February 10, 2019

Closed until April 27, 2019 

KIRMAN LAKE                                February 10, 2019

Closed until April 27, 2019 

TWIN LAKES                           February 10, 2019

Closed until April 27, 2019 

WEST WALKER RIVER                             February 10, 2019

We haven’t had any news from the West lately, if we get any reports from up there we’ll be sure to pass them along. 

VIRGINIA LAKES                            February 10, 2019

Closed until April 27, 2019 

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