Fishing Reports

EAST WALKER RIVER         August 12, 2019

The East is still running at about 330 cfs, unfortunately the temperatures have been steadily increasing down there, I didn’t really expect this to happen with all the water we have this year but it’s been going up in spite of my thoughts. Yesterday the temp coming out of the dam was about 72 degrees. Our guide Andrew Sears was down there and has reported that the fish they caught were still in good shape but it’s important to get them in quickly and let go quickly to avoid any harm to the fish. He thinks it’s really on the border on probably not going down there at all for fear of hurting fish more than necessary. We’ll keep an eye on the water down there and keep you up to date.

SCEIRINE RANCH                  August 12, 2019

The ranch is a bit cooler than the California side due to several springs that come into the river on the property so the fish down there are a little more happy. The fishing on the ranch was pretty good this week even though the flows are kind of high still. Stonefly nymphs, rainbow warriors, dead drift crayfish, san juan worms and dark lords all did well on the ranch this week. There are quite a few booking in the upcoming weeks so if you want some time down there try to give us a call ahead of time.  

HUNEWILL POND                    August 12, 2019

The pond fished pretty good this week, there were some good fish caught on adult damsels again as well as damsel nymphs and some dry/dropper rigs. Most of the anglers out there this week reported getting into 8 to 10 fish per half day. The weeds are still growing of course but as long as you keep your flies near the surface they haven’t been too much of a problem. Give us a call if you want some time on the pond in the coming weeks. 

BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR                    August 12, 2019

Fishing on Bridgeport has been a bit on the tough side this past week, the hotter weather and water temps have made things a bit more difficult than earlier in the season. There are of course still fish being caught, most of the action has been up in the Buckeye Bay channels, with a little action on Rainbow Point as well as in the East Walker channel. There has also been some good perch action trolling small Rapalas and needlefish out in the middle of the lake. We also heard of 3 more big kokanee that were caught this week. The bait anglers are getting into some fish with crawlers, pinched crawlers, mice tails and power bait. Fly anglers have been picking up some nice fish in the channels as well both stillwater nymphing and stripping streamers.          

KIRMAN LAKE                                August 12, 2019

I talked to one anglers this week who was up at Kirman and was able to catch and release 7 or 8 small, 6 ot 10 inch, brookies up there with small spinners. This is pretty good news, it makes me believe that the transplanted fish from Silver Creek last year have survived and are doing well. Hopefully the DFW will be able to put some more fish in there this summer to keep it going!  

TWIN LAKES                          August 12, 2019

Like Bridgeport, the Twins are a little hit and miss lately, it seems that with the hotter weather the fish have started to hang out much deeper than in previous weeks. There are some fish being caught from boats and from the shore here and there though, we’ve seen some pretty good stringers from some of the anglers up there. Fly anglers are doing pretty good stripping streamers with sinking lines, bait anglers are catching some fish with power bait, pinched crawlers and inflated crawlers. Early and late in the day can produce some fish on lures like Kastmasters and Thomas bouyants as well.              

WEST WALKER RIVER                            August 12, 2019

The West is down to about 175 cfs today! This should make it game time up there! Lure anglers should be able to pull some fish with Panther Martins and Roostertails, bait anglers can go with salmon eggs, power eggs and night crawlers. Fly anglers should be able to start running some dries like hoppers, stimulators, ants and beetles. Hopper/dropper rigs should start doing well for the fly anglers as well. 

VIRGINIA LAKES                         August 12, 2019

Just as with the other lakes in the area the Virginias are a little tougher than usual. The best reports we’ve been getting are from anglers who are getting out in the water with kayaks or tubes and fishing deeper where the fish seem to be hanging out. Power bait, pinched crawlers and night crawlers have been producing some fish as well as Thomas Bouyants and Kastmasters. Fly anglers have been picking up some fish with Twin Lakes Specials, soft hackles, wooly buggers, matukas and copper johns.      

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July 21, 2019 - Tickets are now on sale for the 10th Annual Fishin’ Mission BBQ and Concert on Labor Day weekend! The last couple years this event has sold out so if you’re planning on attending be sure to get your tickets in advance! You can go to for more information! All of the proceeds from this concert go to the Bridgeport Fish Enhancement Foundation. 

July 7, 2019 - Another great 4th of July celebration is on the books for Bridgeport! The weather was great and it seemed like one of the largest crowds ever came up to Bridgeport to celebrate! Hopefully even more folks will be able to come and enjoy our little corner of the world next year!

June 23, 2019 - Yesterday was the Bridgeport Fish Enhancement’s annual fishing tournament, it was a great success! The tourney sold out a couple days ahead of time so if you plan on going in 2020 be sure to get your registration information in early so you don’t miss out! There were lots of fish in the 2 to 4 pound range weighed in with a couple over 4 pounds. We also saw stringers weighing on over 12 pounds for the day. This is a great fundraiser for the BFEF and all the money generated goes to planting more quality fish in local waters!