Fishing Reports

EAST WALKER RIVER        September 12, 2021

Well, unfortunately the night time temperatures have not been very cold this past week and the water temps on the EW are still in the high 60’s in the morning and the low 70’s in the afternoons. It’s probably still best to leave the river alone for the time being, hopefully the weather pattern will change soon so the water temperatures lower and we can get back out there! We’ll keep you posted as best we can when things down there are ready! 


SCEIRINE RANCH                September 12, 2021

We’re still looking forward to the water temps coming down so we can get back on the ranch, hopefully by the end of this month things will start to get better!       


BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR                    September 12, 2021

Bridgeport has started to show some signs of life this past week with fish up to 9lbs 9oz coming in! We’ve had some reports of fish being caught from the shore as well as boats. Not too much traffic down there still but the anglers who are getting out there are having some success. The big one for the week was caught from the shore and there has been some good fish up to nearly 5 pounds caught trolling. The action isn’t fast and furious by any means but there are definitely some fish to be caught! For bait try pinched crawlers, mice tails and power bait, for trolling try speedy shiners, night crawlers and small Rapalas.     

KIRMAN LAKE                              September 12, 2021

Haven’t heard any news from Kirman over the last couple weeks, we’ll pass on any information as it comes in!      

TWIN LAKES                        September 12, 2021

The Twins are still producing pretty good numbers of nice rainbows lately, both from the shore as well as from boats. The boat anglers are trying to get deep with down riggers or lead core for the best success while the shore anglers are using a little extra weight to get a good long cast away from the shore. Thomas bouyants, Kastmasters and Rapalas have been producing some fish as well as inflated crawlers, power bait and mice tails.                                  

WEST WALKER RIVER                           September 12, 2021

We haven’t heard much news coming from the West lately, I’m sure the water is very low and clear, your best bet will likely be doing a little hiking to search out the deeper holes where there might be some fish hanging out, be sneaky and try to carefully drift your bait or lures through those pockets.                   

VIRGINIA LAKES                        September 12, 2021

The Virginias and Trumbull are still doing well, we’re seeing some fish come in from up there almost every day. There are lots of smaller fish being caught as well as some of the nice 3 to 5 pounders here and there. Mice tails have been good for the bait anglers as well as garlic power bait and pinched crawlers. Mini jigs and Thomas Bouyants have been producing some fish for the lure anglers. It’s best to get out away from the shore if possible, if you are fishing from the shore try to get a good long cast to get your bait or lures as far away as possible.                      

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RANDOM INFORMATION: Our East Walker River Clean-up Day was a success last Monday, it seemed we didn’t have as many people come to help but they ended up picking up more trash than usual. That is kind of a mixed blessing, it’s great that they picked up so much trash, but it’s dissappointing that there was so much trash to pick up. Try and be kind when you’re out there enjoying the outdoors, pack out what you pack in!