Fishing Reports

EAST WALKER RIVER         September 08, 2019

The East has been dropped to 270 cfs this week so this is about 40 cfs lower than last week, also the water temps are starting to go down, things are looking very good for the river right now! There are still some caddis around so caddis nymphs as well as small midge patterns are still the way to go. As the water cools the caddis will start to go away and when that happens the streamer action should start to get good. We’ve of course still had some mixed reports from down there with some anglers reporting good days while others have struggled. Some of the larger fish we heard about this week were in the 20 to 22 inch range while most were in the 14 to 18 inch range. 

Patterns to try: san juan worm, squirmie wormy, rainbow warrior, silver streak, dark lord, WD-40, micro mayfly, radiation baetis, LaFontaines deep sparkle pupa, Fox’s poopah, z-wing caddis, buckskin caddis, rubberlegs.

SCEIRINE RANCH                  September 08, 2019

We didn’t get any reports back from the ranch this week though we did hear a couple decent reports from the Rosachi section, sounds like they’re still eating some stonefly patterns as well as caddis nymphs, San Juan worms and midge patterns. With the water levels starting to go down we have been getting quite a few reservations for the ranch so if you’d like to book some time down there be sure to call ahead.    

HUNEWILL POND                    September 08, 2019

We only had two anglers on the pond this week and they did not do too well. The water may have still been a little too warm and it sounded like there wasn’t much surface action out there like usual. Hopefully as the weather starts getting cooler the action will pick up out there. 

BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR                    September 08, 2019

The Reservoir was a little hit and miss this week with some anglers reporting some decent numbers of fish up to nearly 6 pounds while other anglers struggled to get more than just a few fish each day. There are still a few perch being caught on the troll while most of the rainbows are being caught up in the channels in Buckeye Bay and off of Rainbow Point in a little deeper water. Bait anglers did the best with inflated crawlers and garlic power bait while the trolling seemed to be the best with small Rapalas and night crawlers.            

KIRMAN LAKE                                September 08, 2019

No news from anglers at Kirman this week but we have been talking to a couple of DFW biologists who are transplanting some brookies from Silver Creek again this year! In the first two days of their transplanting they have moved over 500 fish and I think they have 4 or 5 more days to go. We also did find out that the DFW will likely not be able to plant any fingerling brookies this year but they did plant a load of fingerling cutthroat last October, not sure what the numbers were but they did put some fish in, if I can find out the numbers I’ll let you know and I’ll also pass on any information I get on more cutthroat plants.    

TWIN LAKES                          September 08, 2019

The Twins are also still a little bit hit and miss but some anglers are reporting some really good days with some fish also going nearly 6 pounds. The best reports we’ve received have come from fly anglers fishing sinking lines and stripping streamers like seal buggers, mini leeches  and soft hackles. I was told yesterday that the kokanee are starting to stage to spawn near the inlets, this typically will bring trout into the neighborhood for some easy meals. There have been some good fish trolling Thomas Bouyants and Rapalas as well as some fish being caught with powerbait, mice tails, inflated crawlers and pinched crawlers. As with the other waters in the area, as the temps drop the fishing should just keep getting better.             

WEST WALKER RIVER                           September 08, 2019

The West has kicked out some good fish this week, now that it is being stocked every other week the fishing has improved. Fly anglers are getting into some fish with hopper/dropper rigs, as well as drifting small buggers and attractor nymphs on the bottom. There has been some good fish caught with Panther Martins and Rooster Tails and drifting crawlers, eggs and power eggs has been productive too. The water is low and clear so you’ll need to try to be sneaky so as not to spook those fish.    

VIRGINIA LAKES                         September 08, 2019

The Virginias have been a little on the tough side from what we’ve heard but there are still some fish being caught by a few anglers. The anglers that are doing the best have been out in tubes and kayaks, getting away from the shore. Drifting bait has produced some fish as well as slow trolling Kastmasters and Thomas Bouyants. The fly anglers have been pulling some fish with seal buggers, simi seal leeches, matukas and wooly buggers. We’ve also had a few good reports from anglers bouncing mini jigs along the bottom from their tubes.       

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Sept. 8, 2019 - The DFW is in the process of transplanting some brook trout from Silver Creek to Kirman Lake like they did last year, as of today they had transplanted over 500 fish and they still have 4 or 5 days to go. Unfortunately it sounds like Kirman will not get an allottment of fingerling brooks this year but we did hear that there was a load of cutthroat put in there last October, and maybe they’ll get some more this year. We’ll let you know if we hear anything. 

September 1, 2019 - Founders day is in full swing, lots of fun stuff going on this weekend. The Fishin’ Mission Foundation had their 10th annual Western Night last night and it was a great success, the BBQ was great and folks danced away to the live music! They will be thinking of the 11th annual for next year! Tomorrow (9/2/19) will be our annual East Walker River Clean-up day as well, sponsored by Ken’s, Fishin’ Mission Foundation and Walker River Outfitters. We’ll be meeting at 9am at the Bridgeport Park then meeting back at the park at 1pm for another BBQ! Come join us if you want to help out!

August 25, 2019 - Bridgeports Founders Day Weekend is almost here! There’s lots going on for your fun and entertainment!! The Fishin’ Mission Foundation is having a BBQ and concert on Saturday night, there’s a Founders Day dinner on Sunday night, the East Walker River clean-up day on Monday morning, just to name a few things! If you’re in the neighborhook come and enjoy the festivities!