Fishing Reports

EAST WALKER RIVER       July 22, 2018

The East is currently running at about 219 cfs. The weather has cooled down a little since last week, the water temps are fairly high but not high enough to endanger the fish at this time. The fishing is fairly tough but if you get your drifts right you should be able to pull some pretty good fish down there. Nymphing is still the main way to go with caddis patterns and small midge patterns doing the best. We haven’t had any streamer or dry reports this past week at all. There are a lot of crawdads in the water though so it might be a good bet to try some crawdad patterns. The best fishing this time of the year is going to be up until about 11:00 in the morning and after about 5:00 in the evening. 

Recommended Flies:

Buckskin caddis, Fox’s poopah, LaFontaine’s deep sparkle pupa, 3 wire caddis, rainbow warrior, san juan worm, flashback emerger, squirmy wormy, WD-40, disco midge, top secret midge, radiation baetis.  

WE ARE NOW ONLINE WITH OUR NEVADA LICENSE TERMINAL!!! It took a while but we have the new terminal and it is fully functional! 

SCEIRINE RANCH                  July 22, 2018

The ranch is still hanging in there with some pretty good reports coming in from down there. Like the Cali side, the Nevada side has benefitted from the cooler weather and the fish have become a little more active. In addition to the patterns that are working upstream, dark lords, prince nymphs, copper johns and soft hackles have also been working on the ranch. 

HUNEWILL POND                   July 22, 2018

The pond got another mowing this week and the weed situation is in good shape out there right now. We had several clients on the pond this week and it seems as though the main flies to run out there are going to be damsel nymphs for a while. Lots of patterns have been tried but the damsel nymphs have been by far the number one producer. The fish are pretty hot as we’ve had lots of reports of anglers being broken off with 3X tippets lately. 

BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR                   July 22, 2018

Bridgeport is fishing very well still in spite of the warmer water, it does seem though that a lot of fish have moved out of the channels and over and out to deeper water. There are lots of fish hanging out in the Rainbow Point area as well as out in 15 to 25 feet of water in the middle of the lake. We haven’t heard anything from the area down near the dam or from any shore anglers lately. Powerbait, crawlers, pinched crawlers and mice tails have all been doing well for the bait anglers. We haven’t heard any noise from the fly anglers lately but it might be a matter of doing some deep stillwater nymphing to get into those fish off of Rainbow Point. There has still been a few anglers having success trolling between Rainbow and Paradise Shores with crawlers, Thomas Bouyants and small Rapalas, you’ll need to keep an eye on you gear so it doesn’t get weeded up and if you do this you should be able to bag some good fish. 

KIRMAN LAKE                               July 22, 2018

Still no news from Kirman, hopefully they’ll put some fingerlings in there this season to get it back going. 

TWIN LAKES                        July 22, 2018

The Twins are holding their own with the fly anglers and bait anglers doing the best. The trolling is fairly tough but if you hug the shoreline in slightly shallower water you should be able to bag some fish with needlefish, crawlers and Thomas Bouyants. Bait anglers are using pinched crawlers, inflated crawlers, mice tails and power bait while fly anglers are going with Twin Lakes Specials, matukas, wooly buggers, seal buggers, soft hackles and pheasant tails. Robinson Creek below Lower Twin also kicked out an 11 pound rainbow this week! This was a Bridgeport Fish Enhancement Foundation tagged fish, what a whopper!    

WEST WALKER RIVER                              July 22, 2018

The West is fishing pretty well lately for fly fishing and spin fishing. Sometimes it takes a little hiking to find some fish but once you find them they seem to be hungry. Fly anglers are using hoppers, ants, elk hair caddis, stimulators and chubby Chernobyl’s with soft hackle, pheasant tail and zug bug droppers. Bait anglers are doing the best with salmon eggs and night crawlers. In the mornings and evenings lure anglers are having success with panther martins and rooster tails. 

VIRGINIA LAKES                          July 22, 2018

The Virginias are still fishing well with both fly and spinning gear. Lots of pan sized fish are being caught as well as some larger fish and even a 9 pounder came in yesterday! Bait anglers are using power bait, pinched crawlers and mice tails. Lure anglers are going with thomas bouyants, kastmasters and Jakes Spin-A-Lures. Fly anglers are using leech patterns, matukas, buggers, beetles, soft hackles and zug bugs. 

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