Fishing Reports

EAST WALKER RIVER              October 23, 2022

The East is running at about 65 cfs today, the fishing has been pretty good down there, lots of fish in the 6 to 12 inch range are being caught with only a few fish here and there being caught that are going over 14 inches. There’s some streamer action but most of the good reports are coming from anglers fishing nymphs. It seems like the best reports are also coming from the section below the bridge as opposed to the upper mile stretch. Some patterns to try include: silver streaks, rainbow warrior, psycho prince, darth baetis, flashback emerger, sculpzilla, dead drift crayfish and Dali lama. 


SCEIRINE RANCH            October 23, 2022

The ranch is fishing much like the California side of the river, lots of smaller fish with a few up to just over 20”  here and there. Streamers seem to be working a little better on the ranch than on the Cali side and most of the same nymphs are producing as well.                   


BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR                   October 23, 2022

Bridgeport has started to produce some nice fish the last few days with a 7 pounder coming in that was caught trolling and a near 6 pounder caught from the shore with bait. As the season moves along Bridgeport should just keep getting better, both from shore and boats. Baits to try include power bait, mice tails, pinched crawlers and inflated crawlers, for lures try Rapalas, Thomas Bouyants and speedy shiners.           

KIRMAN LAKE                              October 23, 2022

We’re still getting lots of very good reports from Kirman with some anglers still reporting 20+ fish days. Leech and scud patterns are still the go to flies to have up there. We’ve had a couple reports of anglers doing well from the shore but it’s still best to fish from a tube so you can cover more water.       

TWIN LAKES                          October 23, 2022

The Twins are still producing some good fish both from the shore and from boats. The boat anglers are trolling with Rapalas, Thomas Bouyants and some streamer flies as well as posting up and bait fishing with power bait, mice tails, crawlers and pinched crawler. Shore anglers are also doing well with pinched crawlers, crawlers, mice tails and power bait and in the early morning they’re having some success casting Rapalas and Kastmasters.                                                 

WEST WALKER RIVER                     October 23, 2022

The West has been doing well with salmon eggs and crawlers as well as panther martins and rooster tails for lures. The fly anglers are still haveing some success with copper johns, prince nymphs, soft hackles, hoppers and ants. It sounds like the best areas have been near the Sonora bridge on Hwy 108 and in the canyon section along Hwy 395.                         

VIRGINIA LAKES                       October 23, 2022

The fishing at the Virginias has picked up again this week with lots of nice fish being caught up there with both bait and lures. There’s also been some good reports from fly anglers fishing small buggers and leech patterns. For bait try garlic power bait, mice tails and pinched crawlers and for lure try Kastmasters and Thomas Bouyants.                           

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