Fishing Reports

EAST WALKER RIVER                December 27, 2021

The California side of the EW is closed until April 30, 2022

We haven’t heard any news from the Nevada side of the EW for several weeks, this is pretty typical for December as it’s cold, snowy and there’s so much other stuff for folks to be doing. We’ll keep you posted when we have any new information on the river!  


SCEIRINE RANCH                December 27, 2021

We haven’t had anyone on the ranch lately, when we get some anglers down there we’ll try to get a report and pass it on.         


BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR                     December 27, 2021

Bridgeport Reservoir is closed until April 30, 2022       

KIRMAN LAKE                                December 27, 2021

Kirman is closed until April 30, 2022     

TWIN LAKES                         December 27, 2021

The Twin Lakes are closed until April 30, 2022                                   

WEST WALKER RIVER                         December 27, 2021

We haven’t heard any news from the West Walker lately though it is open for barbless catch and release fishing in the Winter now. If we hear anything we’ll pass it along.                     

VIRGINIA LAKES                          December 27, 2021

The Virginias are closed until April 30, 2022                      

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RANDOM INFORMATION: Well, we prayed for snow and by golly, we’re getting it! Apprently the Central Sierra broke an all time record for December snowfall that was standing since 1970, 193” and still snowing! Bridgeport proper has probably had around 2 feet or so the last few days, not sure how much has fallen at Twin Lakes but they usually get significantly more than we do down in town! The wind is blowing like crazy so there’s lots of big drifts all over. The avalance danger is very high right now from what we hear. Highway 395 has been closed for 2 or 3 days now with no end in sight yet, basically Bridgeport is kind of a ghost town right now! This is really good news for the summer 2022 water situation though!! Hopefully it will keep coming and we’ll have plenty of water for the fish next year!

 I hope y’all had a wonderfull Christmas! Stay safe and healthy for the new year!