Fishing Reports

EAST WALKER RIVER         June 23, 2019

The East has come down to around 570 cfs this week. The fishing down there is still not easy but there are definitely some very nice fish being caught. There are certainly anglers reporting struggling to hook and/or land fish on the river right now but there are other anglers reporting lots of good hook-ups with some nice fish up to the mid 20 inch range being landed. For the successful anglers it seems as though the best technique has been nymphing, and there’s been a couple good reports on streamers. Whenever the water is high one of the keys to success is to get your flies down towards the bottom where the fish are hanging out, so don’t be afraid to add some weight to your rig.  

Recommended Flies:

Rubberlegs, darth baetis, rainbow warrior, silver streak, radiation baetis, buckskin caddis, crawling caddis, LaFontaines sparkle pupa, Fox’s poopah, pheasant tail, dead drift crayfish, hell razor craw, zuddler, dali lama, double bunny, sculpzilla, san juan worm, squirmy wormy.  

SCEIRINE RANCH                  June 23, 2019

We haven’t had any clients on the ranch this past week, like the California side the fishing can be difficult but could definitely be worth the trip!  

HUNEWILL POND                    June 23, 2019

 We didn’t have anyone on the pond this past week but the upcoming week is book pretty solid so we should have some reports coming up. 

BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR                    June 23, 2019

The fishing on the Reservoir has been a little hit and miss these days, the surface temperatures are high but there is still a lot of cold water coming into the reservoir from the snow melt. The fish seem to be a little deeper than usual and they also seem to be a little scattered. Some anglers are still reporting some pretty good days and we’ve had some reports of fish up to around 7 pounds being caught and released. Bait anglers are still using mice tails, crawlers, pinched crawlers and power bait, trolling has been decent with Rapalas, needlefish and Thomas Bouyants. There has been some pretty good fly fishing lately too, stripping leech patterns down near the dam has produced some nice browns this past week and there are some fly anglers doing well up in Buckeye Bay stillwater nymphing.     

KIRMAN LAKE                                June 23, 2019

We didn’t have any news from Kirman this week, if we get any info we’ll pass it along. 

TWIN LAKES                           June 23, 2019

Like Bridgeport, the Twins have been a little fickle lately, though there has been some very nice fish up to nearly 5 pounds being caught! Successful anglers have been using power bait, mice tails and inflated crawlers from the shore as well as boats, and successful trollers have been using kastmasters, Thomas Bouyants, Rapalas and needlefish. There has been some decent fly action from anglers tubing or kayaking and stripping streamers near the inlets of both lakes.         

WEST WALKER RIVER                             June 23, 2019

The flows on the West are back up again, it’s running very high and muddy right now. It may be a few weeks before the flows come down up there. 

VIRGINIA LAKES                          June 23, 2019

The Virginias are all thawed out and starting to fish pretty well. Of course not every anglers are having great days but we have talked to quite a few anglers who have been able to catch and release 20 or 30 fish per day. Trumbull has been producing lots of nice brookies and we saw at least one photo on an anglers phone of a released brookie that was well over a pound! Very nice. Mini jigs seemed to produce lots of fish for anglers fishing from tubes, there were also a lot of fish caught on bait like mice tails and pinched crawlers. Fly anglers did well with balanced leeches, soft hackles, wooly buggers and mini leeches. For lures try kastmasters and Thomas Bouyants.   

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June 23, 2019 - Yesterday was the Bridgeport Fish Enhancement’s annual fishing tournament, it was a great success! The tourney sold out a couple days ahead of time so if you plan on going in 2020 be sure to get your registration information in early so you don’t miss out! There were lots of fish in the 2 to 4 pound range weighed in with a couple over 4 pounds. We also saw stringers weighing on over 12 pounds for the day. This is a great fundraiser for the BFEF and all the money generated goes to planting more quality fish in local waters!

June 9, 2019 - Well, after a bunch of construction and a whole lot of cleaning the gift shop is finally re-opened! Lots of great souvenirs in there for yourself or for gifts, everything from t-shirts to magnets are available! It’s great to have that part of the shop open again!!

June 2, 2019 - The front of the gift shop initial shoring was completed last Friday and with another day or two of cleaning we should have the gift shop opened back up very soon! We still have a ways to go before it’s all the way back to normal but we’re closing the gap!

May 26, 2019 - The structural engineer has finished up the plans for a temporary fix to the front of the gift shop and as of Friday we have secured the building permit from Mono County. Our contractor is going to start the fix on Tuesday so we hope to have the gift shop portion of Ken’s open for business by next weekend! After this temporary shoring fix gets us up and running we will work on getting the engineering done for the permanent fix which will likely happen this Fall. Hopefully next week we will be able to get rid of those dang orange cones out front!!

May 19, 2019 - We had an appointment with a structural engineer on Friday and all seemed to go well, we are hoping she will have an engineering plan in the upcoming week for a temporary shoring of the gift shop. Once we have the plan the contractor will get it done and hopefully we’ll be able to get the gift shop open and get rid of all those cones in the street! After the temporary shoring is done we’ll move towards a permanent fix. It’s great to be moving forward with the plans!

May 12, 2019 - After about 3 1/2 days of the tackle shop being closed we were able to get it back open on Wednesday morning! All is good right now and the tackle side of the store is structurally safe. The gift shop portion of the shop is still closed right now, we’re waiting for a structural engineer to come (hopefully early this week) to engineer a plan for a temporary shoring of the front of the building. After this gets done they will move on to engineering a permanent fix. Really not sure how long it will take for the gift shop portion to get re-opened but hopefully not too long. Many thanks again for all your positive thoughts and for keeping us in mind!

May 5, 2019 - On a different note, Ken’s has had a bit of a set-back yesterday, there has been an accident and a pick-up truck drove through the front of the gift shop side of the store yesterday afternoon. Thankfully no one was injured, including the driver, however there is extensive damage to the store. Mono County has asked us to remain closed until we can get an engineer here to assess the damage and let us know if the main building as well as the two adjacent buildings are safe to occupy. Our re-opening will depend on what the engineer has to say about the situation. Hopefully we will at least be able to get the sporting goods side open as soon as possible and hopefully the General Store will be able to re-open asap as well. Please know, this was an ACCIDENT, there was no alcohol involved, it was purely an accident. We are thankful the driver was not injured and we hold absolutely no ill will towards him. We will do our best to get everything fixed up and back on track as quickly as possible and hopefully be back in business very soon.