Scott Freeman

Scott moved to South Lake Tahoe in 1989 and fell in love with the Eastern Sierra. In 1996 Scott started fighting fires for the US Forest Service and in his off time discovered fly fishing. Fighting fires for a living allowed Scott plenty of time to be in the water fishing various hot spots for 200 plus days a year. In 1998 Scott happened onto the East Walker River, and since that time has probably logged more angling hours and days on the EW than anyone in its history. After doing a 3 year tour for the USFS in Redding, and logging his 200 plus days a year on the waters of the Upper Sac, the Pitt, the McLoud and the Trinity teaching the steelhead a lesson or two, Scott is back to one of his favorite waters, the East Walker. Scott sets up a camp on the Sceirine Ranch right along the EW for most of the summer season, this keeps him in tune with the river on a daily basis so he always knows what it's going to take to land some nice fish. If you're looking for a great trip on the East Walker, or other local waters and want to have a great time with a great guide, Scott is your man. He can teach you all you need to know about everything from reading the water to setting the hook on a killer 20+ inch brown. You can also see Scott on film in Burl Productions "Fish Eye II, Season of the Mayfly" which is out on DVD. 

"My goal is to provide a fly fishing experience, not a service."

Guide Rates:

1/2 Day - 1 or 2 Anglers - $325

Full Day - 1 or 2 Anglers - $450 (includes lunch)

For more information or to book a trip with Scott, just contact us here an Ken's and we can set up the trip, or check out Scott and Andrew's website at

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