Fishing Reports

EAST WALKER RIVER              May 19, 2024

The East is back down a little bit to about 259 cfs, the fishing is still pretty good down there too! There is lots of nymphing action as well as some streamer action and we’re even getting a couple random reports of some decent dry action. The flows are pretty managable for most anglers but some anglers have a little bit of trouble with the higher water. If you are careful and pick out water that is wadable you should be able to fish most of the areas you want to fish and have a good time down there. Heavier leaders and tippets, like 3X and 4X are also going to help land some of the larger fish on the river. Some patterns we’ve heard good things about include: psycho prince, zebra midge, san juan worm, squirmy wormy, flashback emerger, dark lord, perdigon, picky eater perdigon, sculpzilla, ziwi, dali lama, dead drift crayfish, blue wing olive, parachute adams. 

Also, some food for thought, in the Fish and Wildlife Departments infinite wisdom they have decided to not make barbless hooks mandatory on the East Walker, this is absolutely going to be detrimental to the life if this amazing river in the future, if you care at all about the East Walker and its sustainability, please pinch your barbs, if everyone adheres to this practice it will help the East Walker River to keep on being a world class fishery. Thanks for your consideration.                      


SCEIRINE RANCH            May 19, 2024

The ranch is still fishing very well just like the Cali side of the river, of course the ranch section doesn’t get nearly as crowded as the rest of the water down there so if you want to have a little bit of river without the crowds give us a call and see about a reservation!       

HUNEWILL POND         May 19, 2024

The pond is still fishing excellent, lots of nice fish being caught out there right now. Most anglers out there are stripping small leech patterns and soft hackles but there has been some good action on dry/dropper rigs as well. Keep in mind that there are weeds in the pond, we recommend only fishing floating lines right now with wet flies that are not too heavy as to sink too far and get near the bottom. The fish on the pond lately have been cruising and feeding within probably the top 4 feet from the surface so you don’t need to go too deep to find them. As the weather and water temperatures warm up the weeds will keep growing, the Hunewill Ranch will start their weekly underwater mowing in a couple weeks to try to keep the weed growth at bay.                   


BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR                  May 19, 2024

We’re still getting good reports from the Reservoir, it sounds like maybe the shore fishing has slowed a bit but the boat fishing is still very good, both trolling and bait fishing over in the Rainbow Point area. The bait anglers who are fishing from boats are doing well with pinched crawlers, garlic power bait, mice tails and inflated night crawlers. The trolling has been good with small Rapalas, Thomas Bouyants, speedy shiners, g-ratt baits and night crawlers.                        

KIRMAN LAKE                            May 19, 2024

We had a couple pretty good reports from Kirman this week with anglers reporting very good sized fishin the 17 to 19 inch range and it sounds like they’re getting fat like they used to be. Leeches, scud, soft hackles and the like have been doing well, some of the action has been in the mornings and there’s also been some very good action later in the afternoon on into the evenings.              

TWIN LAKES                         May 19, 2024

The Twins are fishing well with some good reports coming in from both shore and boat anglers. The shore anglers are catching some fish casting lures like Kastmasters and Thomas Bouyants as well as fishing bait like power bait, pinched crawlers and mice tails. Trolling has still been hanging in there with speedy shiners, needlefish, Thomas Bouyants and Rapalas. Some of the fish coming in have been up to around 5 or 6 pounds lately.                                                         

WEST WALKER RIVER                    May 19, 2024

It sounds like the West is pretty high and muddy with the run-off being more or less in full swing. This will likely last a few weeks, when it starts to slow down the fishing up there should be very good. 

VIRGINIA LAKES                       May 19, 2024

We heard yesterday that Little Virginia is about halfway ice free while Big V and Trumbull still are mostly covered in ice, the ice that is left shouldn’t last very long now and the fishing up there should be great when it’s gone!                                   

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Special Events:

May 24, 2024 - Memorial Day Bridgeport Walk-a-bout, Main St. Bridgeport, 5:00 - 7:30pm

May 27, 2024 - Memorial Day Services - Bridgeport Cemetery - 10:00am

June 01, 2024 - Bridgeport Fire Department Open House - Everyone welcome, gear demos, Free BBQ. Fire House 0 5-7pm

June 02, 2024 - Deadline for applying for California Big Game Drawings

June 7, 2024 - CHS Drama Class presents “The Wizard of Oz” - Coleville High School Gymnasium - 6:30pm - Donations are appreciated

June 8, 2024 - Bridgeport Gun Club Gun Rights Dinner, 5:00pm

June 16, 2024 - Father’s Day

June 22, 2024 - Bridgeport Fish Enhancement Foundation Trout Tournament (

June 23, 2024 - 2nd Annual Green Hornet Invitational Fishing Derby (

June 29, 2024 - Bodie Ghost Walk (

July 04, 2024 - Mud Cup mud volleyball tournament, sign-ups at the mud  pits at the junction of 395/182, after the parade

July 05 & 06, 2024 - Bridgeport Ranch Rodeo (

July 06, 2024 - California Free Fishing Day

July 20, 2024 - Bodie Ghost Walk (

July 26,27, 2024 - The Rodear Art Show (

July 27, 2024 - Bodie Living History Day (

Aug. 31, 2024 - Fishin Mission Foundation 15th Annual Western Night BBQ and Concert (

Aug. 31, 2024 - California Free Fishing Day

Aug. 31, 2024 - Bodie Ghost Walk (

Sept. 28, 2024 - Ridge Rambler Half Marathon in Bridgeport. For more info email

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